Autumn greets Nashville with a friendly gust of wind.

Fall has finally found us. She has taken outstretched arms and wrapped them around our city. Her steady hand paints the trees at night and in the grayness of the dawn, she sneaks away and leaves our eyes to see her handiwork. I sit, sip, and savor the moment of this afternoon. This breezy, blustery day which makes me want to twirl, skip, and sing. Every Autumn, I fall back in love with life. That’s what Golden light is, you know. It is light that comes from inside of you that beams from the eyes and the heart. It is the feeling that nothing in the world is dark, sinful, or wrong. Golden light is what I imagine heaven to be filled with. And each October, in the evening sun, I get a little preview of this eternal light.

Lately, each day is different. Each day I follow the beat of a new drum. I burp babies, I make bottles, I teach children how to balance checkbooks, and demonstrate to middle schoolers what it looks like to raise my hands and worship. I make next to nothing. My social life is simple and quiet. I drink way too much coffee and tea. I dream up stories, eat gluten free, and put Coconut milk in my Peanutbutter granola. 

Life is funny. Life is sweet. Life is full of golden light. 

How could life not be glorious when faces like this exist?
Sometimes you make awkward faces and the baby starts to cry as the camera goes off. It makes life funny.

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