The things that bind us together

Winter 2013
Summer 2003

“You all look the same,” said the sweet voice looking over my shoulder. She wore the smile of a mother, lines forming around her lit up eyes—lines that told the world the story of her life. She was right. A little less awkward and a little more sure of ourselves, but mostly—the same. Eyes. Smile. Laugh.

Our Hearts have been changed, stretched, and challenged. Broken, battered, and bruised. We have gone and returned. We have made mistakes and asked for forgiveness.

Yet, still bound together.

Ten years later, I call them sisters. We share different interests, vocations, dreams, passions, and personalities. They are, however, my family.

So often, we set out to “find community.” We desire to find people who are carbon copies of ourselves—who believe all the same things, share all the same hobbies, gifts, talents, and passions. We desire to create a community of clones. This is unfortunate and wrong. We cannot choose our community. Community simply IS, similar to the way that our family simply IS our family.

Laughter, tears, honesty, forgiveness, pain, death, birth, life, and grief. Growth, dreams, singing, dancing, working, teaching, and studying.

These are the things that bind us together.

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