My Best Friend’s Wedding

It’s becoming a running joke in my house that I’m becoming the main character from the movie, 27 Dresses.

Attending weddings is becoming my full time job.

I am now a pro at the cha-cha slide, an excellent judge of wedding cake, and smart enough to avoid crazy single ladies who desperately want the bouquet.

People keep telling me that it’s “just that time of life–” The time in my twenties that I’ll spend attending bridal showers and bachelorette parties and weddings–and I am beginning to realize how very right they are. This fall has been a whirlwind of wedding bliss and chaos. I have laughed, cried, attended more parties, and driven more miles than I can count. I’ve attended five weddings in seven weeks, stood as a bridesmaid in two, and this coming Saturday, I will get to stand again beside one of my dearest friends from college as she celebrates her union to her husband.

Although it’s been the busiest fall I’ve ever had, it has also been one of the most joyful. There really is no other moment like the one when a man and woman see each other as the bride walks down the aisle–as they stand amongst their families and friends and pledge to be faithful and true. I’ve been so blessed to be able to worship alongside each of these couples–for their unions truly have been worship to our creator. In song, word, deed, and celebration.  I wish I could write more eloquently about each occasion–for they really are deserving of poetic description. In the midst of the chaos though, all I can do is note that September and October have been filled with friends, fun, and lots and lots of dancing. Here’s a peek into my world these days.

Hannah and Tristan got married September 15 in downtown Nashville in Centennial Park. It was the most beautiful, God honoring wedding!
Some friends from church, Dane and Emily got married on September 14. I loved getting to celebrate as a congregation and body. I especially loved getting to hang out with some of my middle school students.
Hanging out with one of my favorites–beautiful Maggie
Michael, better known as Tuna, got married to his wonderful wife Olivia September 21. Our group of freshman friends got to celebrate with them on their special day.
Roomies reunited. The perk to having so many friends get married in one short period of time is that I get to goof off with my college roommates and best friends!
Emily and I chatting with the soon to be bride, Brittany, at Tuna and Olivia’s wedding.
September 28th: I’ve known Brittany since junior high school, and worked with these two goobers the summer they decided they “kinda liked eachother.” I loved getting to watch them commit their lives to one another and to God.
Sister friend, emma was such a stunning bride
My sister friend, Emma, married the love of her life on October 5. I was honored to stand beside her and a wonderful group of girls as she began this new chapter in her life.
Throwin’ up some Livable Love. Emma’s wedding was so special because we got to be reunited as a college Res Life staff. Our RD, Leia, flew in from Texas and we danced the night away!
Leia, my cheeky friend and mentor. I miss working for her and spending time with her.
Steph and I letting the flower girl take friend photos of us.
Roomies Reunited again! These women are such blessings in my life. and make me laugh like none other.
These two have a long and winding love story, and I’m thankful that my friends and I got to be there when it first began. Here’s to Mike and Brittany– the wedding we’ve all been waiting for all these years.
The groom, Mike, and I. I’m thankful to have this pal in my life.
I was honored to be able to stand beside Bmo as she became Bsto. She looked beautiful!
And this is how I feel after attending 5 weddings in 7 weeks.

and in other news….

Molly Lane is one of my very nearest and dearest childhood friends. I’m so excited to celebrate her engagement to Josh. Here’s to another upcoming wedding!

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