A Bicyclist on Peabody Street

A Bicyclist on Peabody Street

Last Tuesday, as I was pulling off of Peabody street, I caught a glimpse of a colorful, wild-eyed girl riding a neon green bicycle. She rode proud and easy and well–her hot mess hair blowing around by the wind. Nothing that she wore matched.

But you could tell she really loved it. And loved herself.

That’s what I loved about watching her–and really, isn’t that what we love about anyone? Books, movies, and songs–the best ones are usually written about people who are just a little bit different–a little bit unique. And in that uniqueness, they find a contentment with just being who they are! We idolize those characters and secretly long to be like them, but are too afraid to be bold, bright, and daring ourselves. But this bicyclist, she made me wonder if there are parts of me that I hide away.

And so, mysterious bicyclist, thank you for a silent tuesday pep talk. I hope you got where you were going in a timely fashion.

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