So Long, December

Maybe I’ve been watching too many Hallmark Christmas movies, but I think that people, overall, are more lovely and loveable in the winter. The cold (or at least my Tennessee cold) makes everyone appear with rosy cheeks and sparkling eyes. And who can help but hug someone in one of those puffy marshmallow coats? Everyone is just so cuddly.

This month has been easy and sweet–full of Christmas movies, music, and reading, and new people. So much can change in a year, and I’m grateful to not be a freshly graduated college student with three part-time jobs. I do miss my little pea-pods though, and I definitely feel the absence of their sweet, slobbery hugs and kisses. Overall though, working with HON has been a tremendous, uplifting blessing. On a daily basis, I walk out to a beautiful view of the city—its glowing lights shining bright against the backdrop of a slowly dimming sky. I love my co-workers; I love that I get to do hands on service in the Nashville community.Mostly, I am thankful that I am constantly being challenged to practically live out what I believe. If I could combine all this with a few cooing babies—life would be incandescent.

This past weekend, I had the joy of driving to Georgia and spending time with some sweet sisters I met in India. We fellowshipped over breakfast, and I was grateful to spend time with Emily before she moves to Mumbai. This woman’s story is crazy, awesome. I pray to be as bold and courageous as this beautiful friend of mine. While the day didn’t go as planned, It wound up at a small church throwing a banquet for two families struggling with homelessness. So, that was pretty great. On the way home, I made a pit stop in Cleveland to visit with some college besties and hang out with my mom while my brother attended Lee’s soccer camp. It was a quiet, low key 24 hours in a city I hold dear to my heart. I played a little Mario Kart, drank a Black-tie Affair coffee, and caught up with a friend over Breakfast.

Thankful to reunite with friends I met across the globe.

Sometimes I feel as if my life could be played out in some movie featuring an awkward, quirky girl who finds herself in the most unusual situations. For instance, last week, I found myself speed walking through an elementary school parking lot—fully dressed in Indian attire. In leather moccasins. In 30 degree weather. Why, you ask? I had the joy of hanging out in my friend Casey’s 1st grade classroom as they finished their unit on India. Those little faces and smiles were the highlight of my week.

Telling the kiddos about one of my favorite places

Want another “movie moment”? I set my phone on the roof of my car. It then fell off onto a dark, busy road, was run over numerous times, and came out without a scratch. I found it after driving up and down the road searching, and I eventually found it by running over it. Yep, you heard me right. No scratches, and a nearly intact phone case. That doesn’t happen, right? Oh, but it did.

It really is Life proof!

That’s life though—always changing and always ironic. Sometimes, you’ll find yourself running over your own cell phone in the dark. Sometimes, you’ll run around in ethnic clothing in freezing temperatures. Sometimes, you’ll serve a Thanksgiving meal at a homeless shelter, completely unaware that the super-nice guy you’re serving with is a top 40 country music artist. (Everyone should go download Austin Webb’s single, Pass On By. He’s a great person and really talented!) Sometimes, you’ll run into Rachel Held Evans at a coffee shop in Nashville. Sometimes, someone will bring a live rat to a dirty santa exchange. And then sometimes—you’ll rush home to soak in the warmth of the fire in slippers and sweats. It’s really normal days all strung together that make a life so golden.

2013, you’ve been good to me. Now, to enjoy Christmas vacation, my family, and new years in Chicago with the golden light gals.

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