The Start of Fall [and feeling like Meg Ryan]

Fall. It’s a thing for me.

A happy, gleeful, joy-filled thing that reminds me of childhood pumpkin patches and Junior High dances. Mother’s delectable apple cake and Mondays in college when I’d bake fresh, pumpkin muffins. Fall brings bonfire weather and cozy cardigans and memories of evenings spent playing the piano beside a flickering fire.

Fall brings a new season. Change. Rest. A different sort of color. And tomorrow is her first official day.

She’s been blowing kisses at us from afar for several weeks now–twirling her amber and burgundy skirts while flirting with the idea of actually staying for a while. I’m not sure how it happens, but each September, I sense her coming. I anticipate her surprises and unexpected weather changes–her crisp air and slow, afternoon light. And suddenly, I begin craving things like apples and hot tea. And I wake up every morning wondering if any of the leaves will have been magically painted color overnight.

Today, as I walked outside Barnes and Noble on West End, I felt just like Meg Ryan in You’ve Got Mail.  Meg Ryan. Kathleen Kelly. Tom Hanks’ secret AOL pen-pal. [They make me remember my childhood days of dial-up internet.] The spunky, determined, precious bookstore owner who plays the heroin in one of my all time favorite movies. I love everything about her–her cardigans, her love for twirling. And I love the fact that New York in the fall reminds her of school supplies. Because who wouldn’t love a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils? She feels deeply and appreciates beauty and if I could be any character from a movie–I think I would be her.

Vintage red skirt and a floral scarf, the breeze blew in such a way that I couldn’t help but smile a big, broad toothy smile–and wonder at how everyone walking past me could frown on such a day. Today is a slow sort of day. While I wouldn’t choose to be employed anything less than full time, I am learning to appreciate this season. To write and read and work patiently as I wait to hear back from the many submitted resumes and applications.

Discouragement seems a waste of energy–energy I could channel into something so much more productive. Exploration and people and growth–just to name a few.

In two days, I’m taking an overnight Megabus to Washington D.C. to visit a dear friend and her beautiful family. She’s a beautiful soul and she reminds me to be strong and brave and keep my faith. I’ll be hitting up museums and nerding out and I have to be honest–I haven’t been this excited in a really long time. I might have researched every single one of the exhibits at the Natural History Museum. And I’ll be doing the whole Wednesday night to Sunday morning trip in under 100 dollars.

I’m learning that we have to take advantage of every single moment and opportunity. Because we can waste them wishing our lives were different or we can make something beautiful out of it.

So, friends, I hope wherever you are today–that you are enjoying the journey. And I hope you can also feel Fall’s kisses.           [even you, my faraway Christina. I’m sending them from the Tennessee valley to the foothills of India. Thank you for being my most faithful reader and friend.]

Today is a beautiful day, indeed.

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2 Replies to “The Start of Fall [and feeling like Meg Ryan]”

  1. Dear Audrey,
    We don’t know each other but I swear you’re reading my mind. There may not be one hundred and fifty-two insights into my soul in this blog post but there are at least ten! I am also a twenty something out of college, figuring out my next step. You’re writing resonates deeply with me. Thank you for writing. Happy Fall!


    1. Vivian, thank YOU for reading. I say it with all sincerity, that I am always humbled when individuals I’ve never met take the time to read my writing. Good luck to you as you figure everything out. It can be challenging, but one of the deepest times of growth. Or so I’m learning 😉

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