Our Wedding [memories from the day we said ‘I do’]

It’s raining here in Blowing Rock, North Carolina, and I snuggle up beneath a fuzzy white blanket and sort through our wedding photos with tears in my eyes. Shelby, our photographer was and is an absolute dream and magic maker and the fact that she meowed when she got a shot she wanted only proved to me that we were kindred spirits. If you’re ever in need of a photographer in the Nashville area, please consider Shelby M’Lynn Photography. 

There are hundreds of beautifully captured moments, and I want to share them all and print them all and wallpaper them to every surface of my home. But since I can’t, I thought I’d share a little glimpse of our day on here so that friends and family could share in these special memories.


When I think back on it, everything about the day was perfect. It rained all day long which changed our plans a little, but honestly made it the most intimate and sweet wedding. There are so many things that made it so special. The fact that it was on Earth Day [literally one of my favorite days of the year]. The twinkle lights. The lavender blueberry cake. The blue thistles. The greenery. But more than anything, our entire day was a result of our community rallying around us. The love and generosity of our family and friends humbles me and brings me to tears. The gift of floral arrangements and decor all  gifts from the most tremendous and talented women I consider to be my aunts and mothers and sisters. They grew seedlings under heating lamps and went foraging in the rain for greenery and spent hours beforehand making it look like a dream land. Pies and bundt cakes selflessly baked by my mother. A wedding cake made as a gift by a most faithful lifelong friend.  My hair and makeup gifted to me by a friend of twenty years.


Our bridal party consisted of friends both from childhood and college–many of whom we have known for over twenty years. We were married by one of our dearest friends. I served alongside Aaron at Ethos Church in Nashville and we consider his family to be our own. We worshipped and prayed and ate and danced and the day and night was a blur. We still talk about how we wish we could relive it so that we could soak it all in again and talk to everyone more and dance till our feet hurt. But like all good things, it eventually did come to an end and we left with our dear ones surrounding us and pelting us with dried lavender. [Watch the slideshow below to see more special photos from our day!]

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All glory to our good and gracious and kind Father for smiling down on us and bringing us to this point. How deep the Father’s love for us and may your praise ever be on our lips.  As we pledged that day: “When we encounter trying days, I promise to remember all the way He has sustained us and all the ways he will. May our daily lives be a reflection of the goodness of God.” 


Amen and Hallelujah and “Noel, Noel, Come and see what God has done!” 

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