A New Mom’s Holiday Gift Guide

We are nine weeks postpartum over here and surviving day by day. I’d be lying if I said it hasn’t been a harder transition than I anticipated–but in all things God is faithful and we are thankful for family, community, and grace as we have navigated the first two months of sleepless nights (and days), lip and tongue tie/feeding troubles, and lots of tears. I recently have transitioned from my job to stay home with our son. This is such a gift and privilege that our family gets to experience, it’s been lonelier than I expected it to be. Shockingly, my son doesn’t want to sit down and have an in depth conversation over lunch.

For better or worse, I’ve watched a lot of Netflix and read a lot of online blogs. As we are drawing close to Christmas, one of my favorite things to read are holiday gift guides. I have no idea why they are so fun to me, but I have loved reading what others love. 

Geoff and I have been intentional in the last year to really simplify our home. We live in 850 square feet so there really isn’t a whole lot of room for excess junk (And most of that space is taken up with baby things now!) More importantly though, we have really wanted to make small steps toward buying less stuff and buying more products that are well made and align with our beliefs.

So, as I’ve looked at all of the other fun blogs online, I thought I might create one of my own. I know as a new mom, there have been several items I’ve LOVED both for me and baby. (FYI–I am not affiliated with any of these companies or products. They’re just personal favorites) So here are five items for both Mom and Baby that I think are awesome!

For Mom:

 Zum Patchouli Body Spray


This brand is one of my favorites. I have used their laundry detergent, and I love their bars of soap. They use natural ingredients and essential oils. A few years back I learned about all of the harmful chemicals that are in perfumes. These ultimately affect our endocrine system. But we all still want to smell good, right? Being a new mom, I feel like I’m constantly sweaty or smell like milk or spit up. I love to spray this on and the patchouli scent is a mood booster too!

Beauty Counter Charcoal Mask

Every new mom needs a little pampering, right? After all, you’re stuck in the house in sweats all day. It’s easy to feel a little blah. Here comes the Beauty counter charcoal mask. I’m not sure if you have heard anything about this company, but I felt like it was all I heard about for months. I kept rolling my eyes, convinced it was hype. Sure–I loved what they stood for. I had long been searching for cleaner beauty products. But those prices? I just wasn’t convinced. But I also couldn’t find facial products or makeup I loved that weren’t packed with harmful ingredients. And after several years of hormonal issues, I was convinced I needed to keep harmful chemicals away. So, I tried one of their cleansers and their moisturizing SPF foundation. And I was hooked. Since then, I’ve very slowly been switching out my beauty products to Beauty Counter products, and I have loved every. single. one. My friend Erica is a consultant and recently sent me a sample of this charcoal mask. Admittedly, I haven’t purchased it yet but it’s been AMAZING and done more for the blackhead situation on my nose than anything I’ve tried since high school. Plus, when I’m done I feel like I’ve had a ten minute pampering session which is a definite mood booster these days. (If you’re interested in learning more about Beauty Counter and need help figuring out shades or products, you should contact my friend via her Instagram account here!)

Peace and Calming Essential Oil

I know, I know. Essential Oils. There are people who love them and then there are people who roll their eyes. I sort of am of the moderate sort. I first got interested in them for the aromas. Candles give me massive headaches and often are made with lead wicks and emit chemicals, but I love a good smell just like every other Yankee Candle burning lady. Then, I started discovering the benefit they could have on our minds and bodies. I believe they help, but I haven’t bought in that they are the ultimate fix for every thing. I do know though that I’ve seen them help my mood, my sleep, and certain ones have helped my body ovulate after years of having struggles! I’m pretty convinced that one specific oil helped me get pregnant with our son (Sorry gentlemen if you’re still reading at this point, ha). I’ve definitely been struggling with my emotions post pregnancy and this oil is such a mood booster! I put it on my wrists and diffuse it in my home. I’ve even noticed that my baby naps longer when I diffuse it in his room! If that isn’t the ultimate gift for the new mom, I don’t know what is!

Ember Coffee Mug


When I opened this gift on my birthday this year, (three days after giving birth), I couldn’t believe my husband had spent so much money. Did I really need a coffee mug that stays warm for several hours? No. Do I LOVE it? OH YES. As a new mom, I find that I so often make my coffee and don’t get to drink it until sometimes an hour or two later. And I’m sort of a coffee diva and hate the taste of microwaved coffee. This is a fun and frivolous item that I have enjoyed every single morning!

Scripture Cards:


My old roommate gave me this set of scripture cards one Christmas and I absolutely love them. You can customize them to insert an individual name which is pretty amazing to read if you are needing an encouragement boost. It makes me feel like God is speaking directly to ME through scripture! Throughout my pregnancy and in these hard few months, I’ve kept them on my bedside table and they have reminded me of truth every single night.


For Baby:

Little Olympians Wooden Baby Gym


When I was looking for a baby gym, I knew I wanted something wooden, something simple, and something that wouldn’t take up too much room. This one is affordable, so so sweet and more importantly–my boy loves it! It doesn’t fold up but it’s not super big. I also love that it’s made with non toxic paints and wood so eventually, should he chew on it, it won’t put anything harmful in his little mouth.

Beauty Counter Baby Balm

My friend gifted this to us as a baby gift and man! It’s amazing! It’s thick and nourishing to sweet little baby skin. I’ve also used it on my psoriasis on the back of my neck and it’s helped so much! You only need a little dab so while it’s a bit on the pricey side, it will last forever!

Milkbarn Swaddle Blanket


I lucked out and found our Milkbarn swaddle blanket at bargain Hunt for $5. It’s seriously our favorite. It’s SO soft and a portion of their sales go towards an organization called Exile International. Read more about their awesome partnership here!

Burt’s Bees Christmas Jammies

Burt’s Bees is my favorite! I love literally all of their baby products. Pajamas, body suits, crib sheets, burp cloths–you name it and I probably love it. I haven’t ordered these yet, but I’m going to, I love their unisex Christmas designs and their organic cotton. They’re so soft and cuddly.

Who Sang the First Song

Okay, I admit it. I am a Drew and Ellie Holcomb super fan. I love their music both individually and collaboratively. Geoff and I go to their concerts any time we are able. So, the fact that my husband gave me Ellie’s children’s book last Christmas Eve RIGHT before I told him I was pregnant was SO special. This book is the sweetest and the album Ellie came out with called Sing, is perfect for both kids AND mom! I never get tired of listening to it!

As the famous Baronin Maria said, “These are a few of my favorite things.” Happy Holidays from this new stay at home mom and her new babe. 



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