[On new adventures] A Wright family update

Greetings from our 800 square foot home in North Carolina where we have resided for the last eternity under mandated “shelter in place.” We aren’t going crazy or anything.

All jokes aside, in the midst of an extremely crazy season for literally the entire world, and a truly stressful season for our family, God has been in the midst of some exciting changes that we feel fortunate and thankful for.

Announcement #1

I am now a BeautyCounter consultant! I’ll be sharing things I love–nutrition, recipes, holistic living tips, and info about BeautyCounter products on a new instagram here! Follow along for our family’s fun journey.

What is BeautyCounter? It’s a company on a mission to get safer products in to the hands of everyone. [you can learn more by clicking here] They have banned over 1500 harmful chemicals in their products and are working hard every day to improve the quality of what they produce. In addition to this, they are working hard to be environmentally friendly and fight for fair working conditions for people globally.

The United States has not passed a law to regulate what is in our beauty products since 1938, restricting only 250 ingredients. Meanwhile the European Union has banned 1400 chemicals. That’s not saying much about our country’s regulations.

Over a decade of research indicates that health issues such as (but not limited to) asthma, cancer, and infertility are rising. There are over 80,000 chemicals on the market–a good majority of those in beauty products. Research shows that those chemicals can not only affect our hormonal health [in both women and men] but can pass from mother to fetus when a woman is pregnant.

Even worse, the FDA has no authority to remove harmful ingredients from products produced by large corporate beauty companies.

As a woman who has struggled for years with hormonal imbalances, health issues, and who is now a mother–this is not a reality I am okay with.

So why? Why become a consultant for beauty products when I could be doing so many other things? And why beauty care when it can feel so frivolous or vain?

  • I’ve seen too many of my friends and family members struggle with issues that my grandmother’s generation never struggled with. And I’m fed up with it! We all wash our face and hair. Most wear some kind of make up or use a chapstick or lip balm. If you’re a mom, you use products on your baby. BeautyCounter is for every type of woman of every age.
  • I’m passionate about educating about how the choices we make every day affect our bodies and our families. From the food we eat to what we put on our faces–it matters!
  • The products speak for themselves. Really. I’ve tried dozens of non-toxic, clean products over the years and they all have wound up sitting in a closet or sitting in the trash. BeautyCounter products have not only improved my skin and hair health tremendously but they have lasted so much longer than the average product I used to use at the drug store.

And more than anything, I decided to advocate for this company because I believe small steps in every part of life really do make a difference.

Announcement #2

We are moving!

That’s right. My husband was offered the role of Associate Professor at Lipscomb University’s PA school back in Nashville, Tennessee and after much prayer we have accepted. We are so thankful for our time here in the mountains of North Carolina. It has defined the foundation of our marriage. It has changed me and given me more joy than I ever expected and we are truly sad to be leaving the beauty of these mountains and these people. But we also feel excited for this new opportunity and the flexibility it will bring for our family. Not to mention–we will be SO much closer to both sets of our families which everyone is extremely happy about.

We would appreciate your prayers during this time as we finish out our time in Blowing Rock/Boone, purchase a home, and start a completely new normal in a few months.


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