A New Mom’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide

I’m sitting here drinking my coffee while the baby plays. I added a little heavy whipping cream to it this morning, so I’m walking on the wild side. It’s rainy and foggy outside, and I’m curled up in my fuzzy robe and a blanket. Is Friends on in the background? perhaps.

Baby boy is 7.5 months now. He is living up to his middle name which means ‘strength.’ He has a strong will and is the most persistent and intense little guy. I guess none of this should surprise me though. He never stopped moving in my womb, and I believe he had to really fight to make his appearance in to the world.  I’ve left the house approximately four times in five weeks–what wild times we are in! Please know that wherever you are reading this, my prayers and thoughts are with you.

Back in December, when my babe was just a few month’s old, I had a lot of fun reading holiday gift guides online and had even more fun creating my own. So, with Mother’s Day around the corner, I thought it could be fun to create another one. (Am I very intensely avoiding the pile of dishes in the sink? You bet I am!)

So, here we go. My top ten picks for fun Mother’s Day gifts (of all shapes, sizes, and price ranges). Also–my top mother’s day gift would just be a card and some kisses. But this was fun to make. So here it goes:

Hair Scrunchie


Let’s be honest. The amount of times I have fixed my hair in the last 7 months could be counted on one hand. Surely I’m not the only one. I am honestly really loving the fact that scrunchies have come back in to style. I love this little floral pattern from Madewell. Give me all the flowers.


Wool Dryer Balls


Wool dryer balls? for Mother’s Day? haha I know. Not the pampering sort of gift one might expect. But they save on drying time, you can spray with whatever essential oil scent you love (cough patchouli cough) and they are way less toxic than dryer sheets. I personally think they make a great gift and are super fun! Molly’s Suds is one of my favorite unscented, non-toxic laundry detergents.

Vanity Organizer


Another practical gift–but hey, what mom doesn’t want every day tasks to be a little easier and a little simple. I love this one from Wayfair. It’s simple, reasonably priced and will fit all of the things (brushes, lotions, makeup)

Pact Leggings


I love love love these leggings. I always said I wasn’t going to be that mom who wore leggings every day. I do. I feel zero shame. Pact is an amazing company with fair-trade practices. They use organic cotton and are really looking out for the environment. They are buttery soft, fit SO well, and they come in several fun colors and patterns! They also occasionally run great sales!

Charcoal Facial Mask


Okay, NOW for the pampering gift. This charcoal mask has become part of my weekly routine. I look forward to it so much. I run a bath, drink some tea, and clean out those pores. I have struggled with blackheads and large pores for years and this is one of the only things that has cleared them up!

Essential Oil Bath Bombs


Okay, I’ve personally never tried these, but I want to! I love that with these bath bombs from Young Living, you can still enjoy the fun fizziness of a traditional bath bomb but you know it’s made with safer ingredients.

Lip Conditioner


I keep this on my bedside table and use it morning and night. I love the peppermint flavor!

Scripture Cards


I included this in my holiday gift guide around Christmas, but these really are one of my favorite gifts I’ve ever received. I keep them on my nightstand and every night read a scripture with my name in it. It reminds me that The Word and its encouragement is for me–that even at the end of a long day, God is for me and not against me.

Spoon Rest


Growing up, my mom always had this slightly weird spoon rest with a butterfly inside of it. When I got my own kitchen and cooking meals became an every day thing, I realized how helpful a spoon rest was. So, for Christmas, Geoff surprised me with this super cute and whimsical one from Anthropologie. They no longer it have it in stock but they have some other really pretty, reasonably priced ones! It really does bring me so much joy while I’m cooking to look down at the pretty pattern.


Ready-To-Eat Healthy Chicken Dinner

That’s right. There’s no link to an item. No real suggestion other than this: give the mama in your life a break and pick up takeout. Or give a gift card to a restaurant. Or make dinner yourself! She will love it.

To all you mama’s out there–happy mother’s day.


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