Why I write

Hello friend. I’m Audrey.


I am a native of Nashville, Tennessee, a free lance writer, and a believer in Jesus. In the past five years, I have primarily worked within the realm of non-profit and ministry.

I have a husband who wakes up smiling. He steadies me and encourages me to be brave. We dated long distance for three years and are finally making a home together in the mountains of North Carolina.

I love a good cup of black coffee, novels that make me feel big things, and walking silently in the woods.

I believe that each day, though it might seem mundane, holds something beautiful —golden light.  Golden light appears near the dusk of each day and the most beautiful of moments can be captured on film during that short window of time.

In college, I began to use the term “Golden Light” for those spectacular moments that arise unexpectedly–the ones that cause your cup to run over, laughter to swell up inside you, and tears to come to your eyes. I believe each day holds just a little bit of this, even on the days that feel the hardest.

I am an advocate for those wrestling with faith doubts, struggling with depression/anxiety, and those looking for the beauty amidst the broken. My story is filled with all of these things. And I write because I’ve found that we all need those people who say, “Me too.”



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